Volunteer to Register Voters, 2018 General Election

Go here for an updated calendar with events where you can register voters.

To help register voters at these events, contact Roz Peters, 216-339-0006) or Patricia Carter (h_bound@ameritechnet).

For voter registration training, go here.

View the LWVO powerpoint with information on how to register voters.  It also tells how to ensure that the League gets credited with the registration, so that we can continue to get funding for voting registration.

From our co-president, Susan Murnane:

The midterm elections are rapidly approaching and there is great need to register voters, especially potential voters from underserved communities.  Also, the US Supreme Court decision affirming the Ohio purge of irregular voters means all voters should verify their registration status. Fortunately, LWV Greater Cleveland has received a grant from Cleveland Votes to help in this work.  

Please advise us if you know of events where we should be out registering voters.

The conditions of our grant require us to follow certain procedures in order to document the number or voters we have registered, vote by mail applications secured, and pledge to vote cards collected. Although many of you have registered voters before, all volunteers need to be trained in the new procedures.  If you are not already trained, Roz or Patricia can arrange for that too.

At national convention we were enjoined to tell our story better—people need to know what we do—and the way to do that is to keep better statistics. LWV Ohio has a new tool that should make it easier for us to keep track of our voter registrations.  Soon we will receive a package of bright yellow cards with a QR code that can be scanned to take a voter straight into a website that will verify (or not) whether the voter’s registration is up to date. The app can then connect to online voter registration if appropriate.  If the app is unavailable or doesn’t work, LWV Ohio strongly urges us to use https://ohiovotes.us rather than the board of election website. The result is the same. The QR connects directly with the ohiovote.us website.

It is important to use the QR on the yellow card, and not the QR on the off-white card the volunteers from Common Cause or NOVA use because the QR records the organization which gets credit for the registration (a requirement of our grant) and automatically puts contact information in a database that can only be accessed by the  organization that is credited with registering the voter. Follow up contacts are controversial but essential for securing high voter turnout. It is voluntary for voters to submit e-mail addresses or phone numbers, but if they do, they can receive voting reminders and other important information relating to the election, such as notice when intentional misinformation is being disseminated.