Member Resources

Program Planning Resources:

Review of League positions and program for LWVUS (even years) or LWVO (odd years), and LWVGC and its chapters takes place every January or February.

Detailed information about the upcoming Program Planning meeting schedule, access to positions to be reviewed, program history, and other information for 2019 LWV Program Planning will be available soon.

See also the program review committee documents below.

LWVGC Program Review Committee Report, November 2016

Report Review for LWVGC Board and Members
Summary of Recommended Actions
Proposed Reorganization of LWVGC Position Statements

Primary Election Systems Study

For consensus meeting details, links to study materials and other information  click here.

Governing Documents

LWVGC bylaws (approved May 19, 2018)
LWVGC bylaws (approved May 30, 2015)
LWVGCEF Code of Regulations (approved August 2015)

Board Policies:

LWV of Greater Cleveland Communications Policy 2016-17
LWV of Greater Cleveland Nonpartisan Policy 2017-2018

Voter Service:

Voter Education Toolkit:

Voter Education Toolkit 2019
Forum Signs and Templates, Useful Links

VOTE411 bookmark

 Business Forms:

Reimbursement Request Form (PDF)
Reimbursement Request Form docx

MLD (Membership/Leadership Development) Tools:

LWVGC – e-news sign up sheet (Word doc)
LWVGC – e-news sign up sheet (PDF)

LWV of Greater Cleveland Annual Meeting

For complete information on the Second Annual Meeting, 2016  click here.
For complete information on the Third Annual Meeting, 2017 click here.
For complete information on the Fourth Annual Meeting, 2018 click here.


 Minutes for Annual, Board & EF Trustees Meetings





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