High-Stakes Testing Concurrence Proposal

Empowering League’s voice on high-stakes testing

Currently, League does not have positions to address the use of high-stakes testing and accountability in K-12 education, measures which have been found by many experts to be damaging to students, teachers, schools, even whole communities, and thus educational quality. This growing concern inspired a small committee of LWVGC members to put together a concurrence proposal, based mainly on LWV of Pennsylvania positions. Last week, the LWVGC board approved distribution of this proposal to local Leagues throughout the state for consideration at this winter’s program planning meetings and ultimately at the 2019 LWVO convention in May.

In brief, the concurrence proposal endorses the use of multiple assessments and states how standardized assessments should be developed, how such tests should be used, how they should not be used, and how to protect student privacy and rights.

The proposal with brief rationale:

LWV Greater Cleveland Concurrence Proposal to Update LWV Ohio’s Positions on State Education Standards

Supporting documents:

2018 Legislative Proposals Related to Testing and Accountability in Ohio Public Schools (corrected)
Correction: In the original, Senate Bill 216 was incorrectly named as Senate Bill 261 on the first page.

Background and Rationale for High-Stakes Testing and Accountability Positions