Get Involved

It’s easy, fun, and rewarding, even when it’s hard work, frustrating, and never-ending. Remember: “democracy is not a spectator sport.”

JOIN the LWV of Greater Cleveland and get active – either as a member-at-large or with a chapter in your community.

SUPPORT the LWV of Greater Cleveland with a financial donation. Your gift makes it possible for us “to encourage informed and active participation in government.”


Attend a candidates’ night, a local chapter meeting, or a Hot Topic Forum.

Read up on the League’s national, state and local activities. You’re sure to find a topic that interests you and that can benefit from your attention.

Observe a county council meeting, a city council meeting, a school board meeting, or another civic event.

Teach a new citizen, a soon-to-be voter, or a new resident about government or your community.

Lead others in all of the above, using skills gained at work or in other organizations.