Dinner & Dialogue: The Importance of Local Elections

14 November 2017, Comments Comments Off on Dinner & Dialogue: The Importance of Local Elections
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While the current political climate has been heavily focused on the national level, we have several important local elections in Cuyahoga County. Those elected to local positions have the greatest effect on citizens’ everyday lives, as they make the decisions on community resources such as utilities, schools, and policing. Voter turnout in local elections is nearly half the turnout of national elections. Therefore, increased votes have greater power in local elections and can make a larger, more significant change.

In Cuyahoga County, as of the primary election on September 12, 2017, there was a 13.2 percent voter turnout rate. In Ward 7, the difference between the winner and runner up was a mere 42 votes – this is where the individual vote counts. On November 7, there are at least 16 different items on the ballot, including Mayor, City Council, and Court Judge, all of which could be just as impacted by each vote.

However, even local news is consumed by national issues. Therefore, how do we prioritize local issues and elections? How do we increase voter turnout? Why else are local elections important?

Join us for a Dinner + Dialogue discussion on the importance of local elections and how they more directly affect the everyday lives of citizens.

Susan Murnane, LWVGC Co-President
Pat McDonald, Director, Cuyahoga County Board of Elections
Sponsored by The City Club of Cleveland

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