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Proposed 2016-2018 Program: Campaign for MAKING DEMOCRACY WORK®
Approved at the LWVUS 2016 Convention in June.


2014-2016 LWVUS study

At the June 2014 LWVUS convention in Dallas, members voted to review and study three important issues: money in politics, redistricting reform, and the U.S. Constitutional amendment process.  Below are news and materials from these studies.


Money in Politics Study – Find study committee resources, including reading material, PowerPoint presentation, and other education resources on the Money in Politics Review page (click here) on the LWVUS website.

Constitutional Amendment Study – Complete study materials including consensus questions, a timeline, and educational materials can be found on the Constitutional Amendment Study page (click here) at the LWVUS website. The due date for submitting consensus results is December 1, 2015.

Money in Politics consensus meeting took place:

Saturday, January 9, 1916, 10:00 am to 3:30 pm
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 18001 Detroit Rd., Lakewood (44107)

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Video available for Teachout Hot Topic Forum

Zephyr Teachout  spoke on “Corruption in the 2016 Election,” November 6, 2015 at Cleveland Marshall College of Law.  For video click here.