2018 League of Women Voters of the United States 53rd National Convention

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The Convention kicked off with A Conversation on Redistricting where attendees heard from Ruth Greenwood and Nick Stephanopoulos. Greenwood served on the legal team for the plaintiffs in the United States Supreme Court case Gill v. Whitford which the Court decided in June.

Partisan and racial gerrymandering is a significant problem in this country, and the League is fighting to make sure the voters elect politicians who truly represent their interests, rather than elected officials picking their constituents.

Over the four-day Convention, delegates voted on the priorities that the national organization should focus on for the next biennium. The Campaign for Making Democracy Work® includes ensuring a free, fair, and accessible electoral system for all eligible voters by focusing on Voting Rights, Improving Elections, and Advocacy for the National Popular Vote Compact, Campaign Finance/Money in Politics, and Redistricting.

The final night of Convention, attendees heard from Elaine Weiss, author of The Women’s Hour at a banquet.  Through her discussion of women’s suffrage in this country, Weiss reminded listeners of the importance of the League. At the banquet,  Leagues were recognized with awards for their work on redistricting and LWV Greater Cleveland should be proud of its contributions to the LWV of Ohio award.