Bipartisan Reform Heading to the Ballot on May 8Fair Districts to Launch “Vote Yes” Campaign 
Thank you to all of the volunteers whose tireless efforts put pressure on our Statehouse! State legislators and Fair Districts advocates negotiated this bipartisan agreement that does the following:
1. Prevents uncontrolled partisan gerrymandering
2. Requires minority party support for a ten year map
3. Opens the process to public scrutiny and comment
4. Reduces the ability of mapmakers to split communities and counties.
We are very committed to this proposal, but we are not abandoning our petition signature collection.  We are going to keep collecting until we know this Bill passes in May.  If it doesn’t pass, then we will still have our signatures for November.


“How Can I Help?”

Education is key! Help us to identify groups where we could speak to explain gerrymandering and the need for fair districts.This effort is so important that we need to secure a path to the ballot in November as a backup. Take these easy steps to put us in a good “insurance” position:

  1. Turn in all outstanding petitions with signatures on them at one of our LWVGC pickup/dropoff  locations. We need them in the bank!
  2. Help to check petition signatures. This is an at-home, on-line process that requires training. Sign up here with Fair Districts Ohio or email LWVGC if you are interested. Fair Districts only counts a signature in the tally if we have checked it against the voter data base.
  3. Continue to collect signatures. This is a good way to engage with voters and offer one on one education.  Check our updated signature collection calendar for ideas. Need talking points? Check out this Fair Districtsblog post and our own summary.
We Need Speakers
We will have opportunities to speak to groups around the area about gerrymandering, Issue 1, and Fair DistrictsContact us by email if you are interested in speaker training.

The Bill  that passed the Ohio General Assembly creates a bipartisan process that strongly encourages both major parties to cooperate and agree on a congressional map that better represents the views of Ohioans.


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