Stop gerrymandering in Ohio’s Congressional districts

We are progressing in our corner of the state but need to do our part to collect many, many more signatures in Cuyahoga and neighboring counties for ultimate success.
Here are the numbers:

Qualifying numbers:

305,592 – Number of valid voter signatures needed statewide = 10% of votes cast in the 2014 Ohio gubernatorial race.
44 –  One half of Ohio’s 88 counties must collect 5% of the votes cast in that county in the 2014 gubernatorial race
16,839 – number of signatures required from Cuyahoga County voters to qualify as one of the 44 counties.

New Numbers!

142,000 – vetted signatures collected statewide. Volunteers have vetted this number of signatures as likely to be valid.
18,447 – vetted signatures collected in Cuyahoga County. Cuyahoga is now one of the 44 qualifying counties.  However, our work is not done.

Remember that:

•  The statewide requirement is 10% of the 2014 vote, not 5%
•  If only 44 counties qualify, those counties will have to collect a lot more than 5%, or even 10%, to compensate.
•  Even if all 88 counties qualified at the 5% benchmark, this is still only half of the 10% statewide requirement.

What you can do:

•  Help collect signatures. Pick up petitions booklets here; check the updated signature collection calendar today for opportunities.
•  Sign up for the Fair Districts e-newsletter to receive regular updates on signature collecting opportunities.
•  Make a donation
•  Endorse the proposal
•  Recruit friends to help. Have them contact Catherine LeCroix

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