Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our volunteers who worked tirelessly to make Issue 1 a reality.  Cuyahoga County was a leader in the state with 82.37% votes in favor.  This is democracy at work!

The League of Women Voters is cited as providing the impetus for this historic win in the editorial that you can find here.  For more information, go here. 

“It took the women’s suffrage movement seventy-two years to secure the right to vote in the US Constitution,” according to Jen Miller, Executive Director of LWVO. “The League of Women Voters was born out of that movement and that persistent, indomitable spirit is what caused us to lead the charge on redistricting reform from the 1980s through [yesterday’s] victory.”


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The League of Women Voters of Ohio is one of three finalists for the Strengthening Democracy Award at this year’s National Convention.  The Ohio League was cited for its decades-long fight to end gerrymandering and mobilizing citizens to pass Issue 1.  You can cast your vote here for LWV of Ohio and read more about this honor here.


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